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Monday, August 4, 2008

Jake's Birthday at School.

Jacob's teacher invited us over for his birthday Party at school and we have had so much fun watching my son and his classmates/friends participating during the game time, opening of gifts and eating cakes. I am glad we came for this will be his first and last at school because he will be starting the headstart at the public school this fall. Anyways, these are few of the pictures I took during that day.
They were playing games and they were having so much fun that their teacher repeated the same game three times!
Gifts opening here and everybody was excited, as if it was everybody's birthday. Fun, fun and more fun!
He was very proud of the gifts he received, as you can see, he even showed it very well, so everybody can see it.
Cake time, and they were so quite here; the cake was so delicious! Kathy have us try it and it was so yummy!
Here everyone was enjoying the cakes, ice cream and juice; what a great day for Jacob and us, too!
Happy Birthday, again Son!

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