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Friday, August 22, 2008

Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe

I love to cook and eat and one of the foods that I like most is Sea foods. Aside from sea foods are easy to cook, they are also healthier and are easy to find. Just go to the grocery store and there they are fresh and the price is very reasonable. You can even find it in any Asian market. Growing up in the country where I grew up, there is plenty of seafood which is very affordable and freshly harvested. I always like it when my mother cooked seafood because it was very tasty and easy to cook. She makes soup with seafood in it. One of my favorite was when she put seafood in stirred fry noodles with plenty of vegetables in it. Oh my goodness! I couldn't control myself from eating it. In 2008 Great American Seafood cook off, the five finalists were given challenges to create a dish for final round of the competition. I think most of then was good and have created a very tasty and unique dish. But I chose Chef Tafari Campbell of Maryland for his Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots dish. I chose the dish because it is easy to prepare, the ingredients are easy to find and you can even put crab or shrimp in there or both if you want. It is a complete meal, very sustainable and has domestic taste; anybody can prepare it in no time. I wouldn’t change the way he prepared it as with the ingredients.

If you like to see some of their recipes, visit their website where you will find recipes that you can cook for your entire family. Want to win the trip to New Orleans prize package? Then go to their website at and cast your vote for your chosen favorite seafood recipe.

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amiable amy said...

yummy...i like seafoods...crawfish is my new fave...sooo delicious...