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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What makes me happy? What makes me sad?

This very cute tag was from Toni and Maybel thank you guys!

~Start Copy~

Here are the Rules:1. List things that makes you happy and what makes you sad..2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.3. Tag other online friends you know...T☺ni's Attachments, Cecile2's-Small and Simple Things, [YOU]

What Makes me happy?

* being with my family and immediate families

* when I am at church with my hubby and son

* while inside the LDS Temples

* knowing that I made someone happy

What makes me sad?
* when I hurt someone else's feelings
* being away from my family
* when I make mistakes
* after I committed sin against God

~End here~

I want to know what make my friends happy and sad: Vida, Tess, Lara, Umma and Joy-Pinay.

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