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Friday, September 5, 2008

Cabin Cuddler rd 2

As a second timer to post this opportunity, I have learned not to rely on the airplane crew to give me a pillow and blanket next time I travel by plane. They stopped providing it to the passengers and if you happened to get one, you can be sure it is not clean as you would think it is. Anyway, it two weeks time, my in-laws are coming to visit their children here on the East Coast. They are old and get cold easily. So I decided to buy them a Cabin Cuddler so they will be comfortable riding the plane for it’s going to be a little long flight from New Mexico to where we live. I really like it because it is a tote that turns into pillow. It is very light; cabin cuddler is patented to keep your feet warm, covers your whole body because of its contour cut, easy to carry anywhere you go. You can use it anywhere where the weather or temperature is cold.

Cabin Cuddler is also great if you are working at the office when it is always cold because of your co worker who cranks the temperature up to 65 degrees because they are wearing suites and you want to wear a little bit cute office dress. You don’t need to put jacket or anything that will keep your legs from getting cold. travel blanket is very versatile. Anybody can use it. My 4 year old son loves it; this is now his blanket when he goes to bed at night. Literally, he can’t live without it. What are you waiting for? Get yourself one now or stock some home to give as Christmas presents this year.

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