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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is how our day started....

I guess we have to stay home today since hubby is sick; it is hi off day at work and we usually go out and do something or anything that would keep us from staying home. I don't know but my husband couldn't stand home, he gets bored easily. Well, he still wants to go out to have his hair cut. I hope he wouldn't ask me to go with him, for I'd rather stay home and do blogs than going out. Well, we'll see if he would let me stay. My son on the other hand, wasn't happy this morning to go to school because he didn't see his friend, Jason at the school bus stop earlier; he kept asking me where Jason was. Finally, 5 minutes before the school bus arrive, Jason showed up with his sister. Then Jacob became excited and happy again. They sit together everyday at school bus. As far as me is concern, I am just as crazy as the first time I did blogging; am still what husbands of bloggers calls "addicted" with the computer particularly, Blogs! Well, this is how our day started this morning.

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