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Monday, September 15, 2008

Creative Blogger

This tag/award was given to me by Rosa, Thanks a lot for thinking of me always :-)

Now, it is my turn to give this award away according the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on his or her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

I am now giving this award to my online buddies who are very creative with their blog designs.
Umma, whose been very nice to me eversince we met on the blogs, literally very creative in her blog and posts are informative and funny.
a creative blogger indeed! and kind person.
Pinaymama, who has very nice blogs created just by her, Juliet, whose life's experiences taught me a lot of lessons and very close friend of mine whom I can share my thoughts and secrets with :-) Maybel who is very sweet and friendly and Rosalie, who is kind and helful.

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