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Monday, September 1, 2008

Right Age to go to School

I was tagged by Gles. Thanks Girl for this one!


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Do you have kids? Yes, a boy :-)
How old are they? 4
What do you think is the ideal age for the kids to be sent to school? 3 year old, the right age for me.
Would you consider sending your 3-year-old toddler to school? Yes, he was enrolled at Pre School for 4 months and tomorrow he will be going to Pre-K ( Headstart Initiative).
Explain your reasons. For me thee is the right age; I thought him basic alphabet reading, counting to 20, knew his colors, sizes and shapes and animals and etc..., but he still needs to socialize with the kids his age. Sending him to school also helps him gain more confidence and self-esteem. He loves going to school and meeting new friends now because we put him at Pre-School even for just a short time.
Now I am tagging Juliet, Juliana, Danah and Rose of Obs and Glo.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Cecile...

Thanks for the tag...I already did this one yesterday ata. But thanks for the thought...

Have a great week.


Imelda said...

for me it depends upon the intellectual maturity of the child, if he gets mature early why not send a kid to school earlier than the regular schooling age of any child.

rudianaeva said...

Nice psoting man....
I agree with you