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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grandfather Clock for My Husband

One of my husband's wish is to someday have his own grandfather clock. Seeing grandfather clocks every time we go shop for furniture replacement, reminds him of the grandfather clock his grandfather had when he was a kid. Maybe someday I would be able to buy him one. I really like the contemporary style from Kieninger Chippenham Grandfather Clock collection because it matches our living room furniture. His wall clocks collection are not only inexpensive, but also simple, yet elegant looking. My favorite is the one on a solid beech curio clock in current country look design, matt finish nickel plated accessories with modern 270 mm grid pendulum and white dial 320 mm. This is a perfect addition to our home decor. Good thing to know that at, they carry Kieninger Chippenham Grandfather Clocks, thus making it easier for me look for when it is time to get one for our home.


Rossel said...

may ganito ang namayapa kong lolo...antique. ang sama ng loob ko ng hindi sa amin napunta...waaah!

Lulu Post said...

maganda naman kasi ang grandfather clock ... i don't mind owning one... pero ang mahal kaya wag nalang hehehehe