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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Considering Sleepover

Before you say yes to sleepover, here are some tips for keeping it safe, from experts and conscientious parents alike:

* Always meet the parents beforehand--ask them about house rules and the evening's plans (how closely the kids will be supervised, etc.), telling them you assume they'd like to know yours in the same situation.
* Look at the home's location--is it in a safe area? Does it look safe and cared for?
* Reinforce your standards with your child--review how they might say politely that they don't watch certain kinds of movies or play certain games.
* Drop off your child at the door--talk with the parents and agree on a pick-up time the next day.
* Create a "safe phrase" for your child--if they want to be picked up, for any reason, they can call you and say "my stomach aches."
* Never question your child's desire to come home--if your child has had enough of the stay, tell them you'll be over immediately.
Source: LDS

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