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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Niko's Project: $3 for Daniel

George Daniel Arevalo Samson, 5 months old son of Niko's high school friend Clarissa has biliary atresia with cirrhosis and is in immediate need of liver transplant. The operation has never been done in the Philippines and the doctor’s advice is to go to Taiwan for the cheapest operation of which will cost roughly 3 Million Pesos ($60,000).

Let us say a prayer for Daniel's life and also donate at least $3 to help save his life...

If you have a blog please spread about this $3 for Daniel Project.

Or click Niko's paypal donate button at her sidebar right away, surely your $3 will bring little Daniel to TAIWAN the soonest possible time!


shydub said...

I hope and pray that the baby will get a transplant soon. ang bait talaga ng mga ka blogs like you ces and rose where i saw this post. Ill help spread the word.

Dhemz said...

I second the motion of tsang teCes...hirap talaga lalo na pag buhay na ang pinag uusapan...kawawa naman talaga yung bata.

levy said...

Hi Cecille, I have posted this in my blog also. I hope Daniel will get better soon.

By the way, care to exchange link with me? I am following your blog.

Here's the details:

Blog name: Living Life to the Fullest (by Levy)
Blog URL:

thanks so much! hope to hear from you.

levy said...

Hi Cecille, I already added you in my blogroll.

I will surely gonna visit here more often. Thanks!