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Friday, September 4, 2009

PTA Meeting

Last night, I attended PTA meeting at my son's school. I was a little bit late because I have to drop Jacob off at my friend's house because they don't want us to bring our kids with us. So far the meeting went well. I was just surprised that out of 22 pupils Ms. Mc Crea has, there were only few parents showed up! During the meeting I also found out that she is teaching the class all by herself! I can't believe it! Why don't they get a teacher aid for her? I remember when Jacob was at Pre-K in Virginia, they only have 17 students, but they have a teacher and a teacher to help. Every once in a while, they would call me for help. That is why I signed in to volunteer and help her out. No wonder why she looks so exhausted at the end of the day!


ruby said...

te ces pilay edad mag start ug pre-k dre sa states? kay dre sa base dapat 3 years old gyud daw..

shydub said...

Sus mura na d i na ug pinas ces, ang nakalahi lng ky didto 60 pupils and i handle in each teacher. kalloy sd sa mam ni jake. Sus kung silingan ta, pwedi dri bili jake sa amoa, lingaw na sila duwa jake nku.

Musta nman imu health ces, intawn sa akong migang buotan, mao d i sge ka tired and sleep tungod d ay to sa imu blood. Take a good rest ces and sleep sd, dont worry about bloghopping. Mamisita ra mn gihapon ning atong mga suki ky mga buotan mn sd.

Dhemz said...

agoy nag PTA meeting naman diay ka te no...time is very fast.....ulitawo najud imong jake....:)

na parehas diay sa ato te kay bisan lapas sa 40 ang students isa ra man jud ang titset...maong dlai ra ubanon....ehhehhee...joke!

bitaw te,kumusta naman imong paminaw diha? take some rest ha...enjoy your 3d weekend..asa man mo paingon?

ruby said...

aw ing-ana d i, thanks d i sa visit, te pwede paki update akoa blog kay nag buy ko domain,

chubskulit said...

Tama si tsang ate sis, sa Pinas mas madami ang bialng and isang teacher lang maghapon lol..

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Clarissa said...

Dun naman sa school ni Wakaba eh 15 lang ang classmates nya at mas marami naman ang students sa pre k ni Haruka.They have teachers and teachers aids in each class,konti lang ang mga students.