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Friday, September 18, 2009

This is So Me!

You Are Facebook

You are social, outgoing, and excited to connect to your friends.

You are interested in your friends' lives, and you enjoy adding your opinion to the mix.

While you enjoy sharing online, you don't want everyone to know your business.

You value your privacy. Your life is an open book to those you know but not to strangers.


Us said...

You are right ces, that is sooo you. Wala na jd ko ka adto sa blogthings, perti ka busy sa lifey. Musta nman mo dha ces, weekend na sd no more quite place for now ky walay kalse. enjoy your weekend ces with jake and hubby mo.

Dhemz said...

waaaa....agree kaau ateCes kaau...hehehehe:)

woi te, how's your weekend so far? kami te wala pa me nagwara wara kay bloghop sako...hehehe....:)

adto me sa pinoy store tapos ugma adto me sako SIL..dayon the rest study...hehehheh!

kamo te, nagmalling ba mo?