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Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Cheer Me Up Award from Shydub!

This award was given to me by a good friend, Tsang of Simple Happy Life. Thanks dear for this one. You indeed cheer me up when I am down though we are miles apart and only met through blogland :-); you are such a sweet and thoughtful friend to many. Keep it up, for you will have many more.

To those who haven't tag with this yet, feel free to grab it for you never know that you cheer other with or without knowing it which is great!

I am now passing this award to the following people who have cheered and touched my life in such a way that even I would never imagine possible: Dhemz, Ams, Liza, Rose, Juliet, Sweetiepie, Carlota, DavidF, and You!


Dhemz said...

yehey! apil ko sa lista...hehehehe

salamat kaau teCes ha....:) musta naman mo diha te?

hope all is well...naka ginhawa na jud ko te kay weekend napod...wala na class....dami man among assignments woi.

si jake musta man iyang skul? daghan naba sya na meet nga mga friends?

Shahana said...

salaam. Adorable and awesome it soo much.. following u. do keep in touch:-) check out my blogs too