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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kids on the Big Screen!

Some of my friends keep telling me that my son should join show business just like Fil Am actors in the country where I grew up. They told me he has the looks that could give him a break. I have been thinking about it a lot since I want him to develop a talent when it comes to acting. I have seen children acting on my son favorite children's educational shows and asked myself what does it take for him to get in that show. I need information that would help my son get noticed. Some said that we could start with Kid Photo Contest that provides valuable exposure to my son and eventually be recognized by the film industry. I agreed to what they said, but one thing that concerns me is that , my son is at school right now, and we cannot afford to deprive him of education he need just because we want him to be part of the film industry. Good thing I have found a website that could him do acting as well as school without missing either education and acting knowledge through variety of sources like Home School Curriculum. Now my son can devote time to building a career in acting without compromising valuable education he needed for his future. So, if you think your child has what it takes to make a big break into show business, why not click the links provided here?