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Friday, September 18, 2009

Jake's New Hairdo!

My husband and I decided not to go to the barber shop for Jacob's haircut. We did cut his hair ourselves though it was against his will. He was so scared with the scissor that is why he was crying the whole time. But as soon as we have finished cutting his hair, he looked in front of the mirror and smiled. He liked his short hair :-)!

I think, he will never cry again next time! I am hoping so :-)!


Clarissa said...

Jacob looks great on his new haircut!!Don't worry dearie,your hair will grow again!You look so handsome,Jake!!^_^

Bambie dear ★ said...

gwapo naman ng unico hijo mo.. i love the hairdo, neat

Dhemz said...

waaaa....gwafings man kaau si jake sa iyang alot te...bagay na bagay kaau sa iya ang semi upaw....heheehe....:)

agoy nihilak diay sya...luoy pod...hope he will not cry again....:)

Lulu said...

bagay kay jake te ces... he looks grown up already

ruby said...

gwapo.. nice ing-ani nga hair!

shydub said...

Uyyy preho na mga ulo atong mga jake ces, kining akoa pertigahia ky cge mn ipakong kung maglagot.

ni matured ang imung gwapong anak sa iyang new look ces. ni gwapo mn ug samut.