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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scooter Lifts
Guest Post By: James R.

If you are in the search of a van for a handicapped person, you should check out Whether you are looking for chair lifts, scooter lifts, or to get a van converted, this is the place to go. has everything you will need. If you are in need of a van, has vans for sale including new and used conversion vans, mini vans or full size vans. They are fully equipped with everything you need for your comfort, or the comfort of a loved one. will outfit a van with a wheel chair or a scooter lift, whichever you need. They have some of the most well-equipped vans you will ever find. These include side and rear entry mini vans, full size side entry vans and vans with hand controls for the driver. They also have a chair robot retrieval system that comes out of the back of the van and up the side to the driver. After the driver gets out of the wheel chair, the retrieval system picks up the chair, which is on a platform, and takes it back to the rear of the van and deposits it inside. This all happens while the driver is safely inside the van. proudly serves the handicapped community. Stores can be found from Anaheim to Yonkers, from Bay City to Green Bay and at points in between. Please check out if you are in need of chair and scooter lifts.

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