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Friday, October 9, 2009

Online Translation

Before I moved here in the US, I served a mission for our church. In the southern part of the the country where I was born and raised. I tell you, even though it is a small country, there are many dialect spoken in. Luckily I speak at least two of them now. Back to my mission, I was sent to labor in a place where they speak different dialect other than the national language. I didn't know how to speak Cebuano; though they know how to speak Tagalog, every time I speak with them, they replied with the dialect they are used to. My companion acted as my translator for the time being until I learned to speak the dialect myself. It bothered me that much enough to make me cry! To make the story short, I learned to speak their dialect after three months. Yup, that long!

Anyway, because of the modern technology, there is an online translation called translia where it empowers language translators all over the world. Isn't it great? This software satisfy translation clients for any languages, on any subjects, anytime, anywhere. Imagine what this online translation software can do to help translate many languages such as Korean, Japanese, Hungarian, Indonesian, and Italian. You will also learn to speak the native dialect as well as speak fluently, and accurate translation 24x7x365 service. The best thing about this is that the price is very affordable and even offer free translation. You can work your on hours, anytime, anywhere. Translate what you're good at and what you're interested in. Translate as a team member. Translate with pleasure. Get paid for good job. Secure payment. If I were you, I will register now to join!

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