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Friday, October 16, 2009

Shape - Up Shoes Is An Investment!

I have seen this shoes at the North Park mall at Dallas the last time we went there almost a month ago. Women's Shape Ups - Fitness Junkie is not cheap but is worth the money because according to the reviews I read, this can really help you lose weight! I think if you want to invest for something useful this $110 shoes is a must on your lists. I really need to lose weight to control my blood sugar level as well as my high blood pressure. It is time for me to save for this one since hubby is not convinced that this is worth the money. That means, I need to grab more opps so I can afford to get this one!


Lulu said...

that's a nice shoes

Beng said...

wow..nice but pricey...

Sandy said...

Strange looking shoes, how does wearing a certain type of shoe make you loose weight? I would very skeptical of such a claim without a good explanation to accompany it. You do have me curious.

Thanks for your visit, hope to see you again soon.

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kittykat said...

love it Mommy Ces..I am a big rubber shoes lover..specially sa trabaho..that's what I always wear eh...and when it comes to my feet I don't mind paying more as long as I won't compromise the comfort for my feet..