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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Georgia Aquarium: Behind The Scenes

Contribution by Odis Chan

My sons and I are once again planning a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. This time we will be taking the “Behind the Scenes Tour” which is a great tour offering insight into the inner workings of the largest aquarium on the planet. The interesting about this tour is that it allows us a view from the top of the tanks, instead of the usual view from the bottom. Hopefully some of the larger fish (one tank has a great white) will swim up for a closer look. The coral reef exhibit should also be interesting. While I know they are old enough to understand what a coral reef is, I don't know that they fully appreciate the diversity of life that lives there. They will also be involved with the aquarium staff as they prepare the food and discuss the nutritional needs of the different fish. Since Atlanta is a 45 minute drive from our home, I always take the time to set our home security alarm from My kids may not understand the biodiversity of a coral reef, they do understand face book. I tell them not to post these things, but sometimes their excitement overrules me. As always, the penguins will probably be our favorite exhibit no matter how many sharks we see. Will remain true when they are teenagers? Time will tell.


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