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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award

Grace of The Drapers has shared with me this award. I am indeed flattered and honored. Thank you so much, dear for this wonderful gesture of you friendship and genuine kindness. I really appreciate it a lot!

As Grace said: There is no rule in this award so I will just tag the following friends I have here:

Shydub of Simple Happy Life
Ate Vhing of Yanorzah's Journey
Amy of Amiable Amy
Dhemz of Life Perception and Inspiration
Liza of This is My Life
Maria of Maria In Living America
Tata of AngelMist
Cacai of Cacai's Step and Journey
Julianna of PinayWAHM
Umma of Happy Moments, Happy Thoughts
Clarissa of Kizuna
Niko at Niko's blog
Payatot of Payatot Lahat Dito Chubby
Madz of The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol
Maus of Around Nature Spring
Malou of The Journey
David Funk of Basic Bloganomics
Lisa of Lisgold
Rose of Obstacles and Glories
Joops of Sailor's Adventures and Opinions

And those who are on my lists, please grab it guys, for you are my buddy bloggers, too :-)!


Anonymous said...

Where's mine Te Ces? heheh.. I guess you didn't include me as your buddy... Anyway, congrats for the award ATe.. you deserve it! muahhh!

Joops said...

Thank you so much Ms. Cecille!

By the way, thank you also for dropping Ec all the time, unfortunately we can not reciprocate your drops because we can't figure out why our PC register the widget as pure black...

amiable amy said...

thank you Ces, i will grab this when my pc is here na ha.....don't want to download any picture in Dad's PC kasi

shydub said...

Thanks for the tag ces, i'll grab it, do my post later when my buckaroo nap.

Maus said...

thanks po grab it already post it soon hehehe
i love the colors!!

David Funk said...


Thanks for including me on your list here. I posted it already:

Take care dear friend!:)

Malou said...

wow thank you very much ate ces for thinking of me. Grab ko po yan. salamat ulit :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting te

Umma said...

i have posted this one Ces, bilis ko no? hahaha.. I added your name on it.
Thanks for the thoughts.

niko said...

thanks so much dear!!! mwah mwah mwah

Clarissa said...

weeee!!Another award from Ate Ces!!Your' e the best!Thanks!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

yehey! apil man sad diay ko sa lista mo teCes..salamat ng marami....will post it later...:)

Cacai M. said...

Te Ces, am so creepy, heheh.. sowe huh? I know about that but I just can't let go of my creepiness and a little stubborness, hahaha.. Anyway, I got your message te and sorry for it's just now that I hit you back. I will do this tag now and be back a little while.

Anonymous said...

Hello Te Ces,

Am back and here it is:


amiable amy said...

posted already

Maria said...

Thank You so much Ate for the Award. I love it. I will try to post this on Monday. Weekend busy ako ate no time mag online.... Take care and God Bless.