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Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Neighbor is Back!

My husband and son was in Durham, NC spending Easter with his brother who has a son same as Jacob's age. They told me they have had so much fun finding eggs and playing with toys that they forgot to take pictures of the boys egg hunting. Anyway, they were there for the weekends...and I was in the Philippines then. We didn't know what was going on with our neighbor next door. So, we thought all along for a week that they moved out because it was so quiet and there were Mexican putting new carpets upstairs and downstairs. We were happy because there were no more noise coming from them. Well, to our surprised, they came back this weekends waking us up at 2am making noise by putting back decorations on the walls and pushing furniture on the wall next where our headboard is. Once again, we were hoping they wouldn't do that while their neighbors are still saleep. Anyway, we have gotten used to their noises, that doesn't bother us anymore or at least we try so hard to ignore the noise. So much on that, the days of peace are over :-)!


Mom of Four said...

oppsss...sorry to hear that the noise is back. Can't you make complaints at the office? They can get kicked out if they are disturbing the peace of their neighbors..

Cecile said...

Liz, we don't want to complain again and be ignored for the second time. Anyway, we only two months left and we are gone to New Mexico.

We think that they are living there for quite few years now and they can only do so much for their long time tenants.

Thanks for the suggestion :-), appreciate it much!