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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Manners 101 Ages 5 - 7

Increase your expectations. At this age your child should exhibit basic table manners, greet adults and carry on a simple conversation, receive and extend a compliment, introduce family and friends, and respect the feelings of others.

Provide a prompt. If your child forgets to place her napkin on her lap, you should quietly lean over and whisper, "What are we supposed to do before we start eating?" This gives her the opportunity to do the right thing. Be gentle in your reminder, though. Your child will be more likely to remember the right behavior next time if you don't belittle her for her slip up.

Prepare your child for situations. Since five- to seven-year-olds are involved in adult situations such as family reunions, meals at restaurants, and eating at a friend's house without you, be sure your child is equipped with an understanding of appropriate manners for each of these events. Remind your child, for example, that it's not proper to start eating until everyone has been served.

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Mom of Four said...

totoo ka dyan ate Ces, minsan kasi kapag medyo nataasan natin ng boses mga bata for reminders eh the more silang nagagalit at lalong nagiging stubborn.