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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Right and Best Shoes for Kids

God is generous enough to blessed us with two beautiful kids. One of them will be turning five this coming July and the other one is back home to God who gave us life. We know that there is a purpose why God took her life back when she was still a baby. Anyway, we are very happy enjoying every minute of the day we spend with our son. He is our pride and joy. Raising kid is not an easy task but this is part of the choice we made and we are willing to do it. It is worth doing, especially when he gives us hug and saying he loves us. Anyway, talking about raising kids also means providing them with all their need and that includes clothing. They grow so fast and buying clothes and shoes for them seems like never ending process. I am glad that my son sometimes gets gift from his grandparents which include gift card and cash money sometimes. We use the card to buy our son pair of shoes. One brand that we really like is Stride Rite. They fit perfectly and comfortably, and do not hurt kid's feet. Not to mention that they are quality made. They are also made in leather. Stride Rite shoes are inexpensive and have many designs to choose from. So for all your child's footwear needs, look no further for Stride Rite is the best!

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