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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr. Ruth, Sex Health Guru

Intimacy before marriage is against the law of God. Violating this law doesn't not only mean you going against the will God but also very risking yourself from a potential unwanted pregnancy and getting sexually transmitted diseases. It is very important to be intimate with you spouse because that is one of the many factors that makes the relationship alive and stronger. But even married couple, needs careful attention when it comes to this one factor. Honesty is one of the many factors that makes marriage works; that means we need to tell our spouse our sexual history to avoid sexually transmitted disease and AIDS. Using condom is one safe way to prevent it. If you or your spouse have issues regarding sex, Sex Health Guru like Dr. Ruth can help you with any problems and concerns regarding this matter. When you go see Sex Health Guru, yo will be provided with lots of information regarding safe sex, sex health, sex skills, birth control and other related topics regarding sex and diseases like AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. And by going to their website, you can watch videos that are educational and topics that are helpful especially with young people these days. You can also check their website if you want more information regarding sex and the diseases associated with it. Any questions you have will be answered honestly by Dr. Ruth, the Sex Health Guru.

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