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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did You Get a Nap?

Being a parent is not an easy task. My husband and I have lots of concerns the way we raise our four year old son. Since my husband was at work most of the time, I was the one dealing with potty training and it frustrates me when he wouldn't want to do it. After months of trying, I decided to leave my son alone thinking in due time, he would cooperate. And he actually did...when all of a sudden he didn't want to wear diaper anymore. I was dancing for joy when that day happened. Being three year old and up, they are very active and moving all the time; there were times that I want to take a nap, but it seems to be impossible. The only time I can do that is when he is taking his nap. The terrible two's weren't bad at all for us. It was when he turned three that the terrible things started happening. Thank goodness we were able to succeed it with flying colors with the help of Parent; a network for parents where you can share your experiences, concerns, and views about you child/children. They also offer tips and advises from expert and even parents who have similar experiences like us. Join us by visiting their website and sign up to become member a of it.


reanaclaire said...

yes, being a parent is a tough job.. and it is a never ending chore... agree? but the surprising thing is, we love our tough chores... hahaaaaa..

Maus said...

parang mararanasan ko na ito ateces soon hehe

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, this is fun to have chidren around.
Please enjoy the process, do your best.

your "Health Assistant" said...

very informative post, thanks for sharing it to us, continue your work, have a nice day!

Maus said...

happy easter
have a trophy for you..i know you deserved it as blogger!!!

Ron Centeno said...

It's not easy being a parent but it is definitely a gift.

Hi Ces, Hope you are having a Happy Easter and I have something for you on my site, here's the link: