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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Deal on Diamond Rings

Yesterday, my family and I traveled to Richardson to picked the missionaries up at church and drop them off at their home back to Forney. By the time we got home, it was almost lunch time. We were supposed to watch the "Karate Kid" at the dollar movie house, but decided to have lunch first instead at Cici's pizza. Then we head on to watch the movie, but to our dismay, the theater is full and so we ended up watching the "A Team" instead. It was a nice movie though! Jacob sill wanted to watch "Karate Kid" but they canceled it. It was still early to go home, so we went to have oil change for our van at Toyota service center at Rockwall. On the way there, we saw a pawnshop and decided to stop. We looked for a cheap video game for Jake's nintendo ds xl and fortunately found a Mario brothers ones. We also got great deals on dvds and lawn mover. Anyway, while at the pawnshop I looked around and was amazed how much you can find there. They have everything from appliances, electronic gadgets to musical instruments and jewelry. Talking about jewelry, they also have great deals on diamonds ring, necklaces, watches and wedding bands and rings. Made me want to buy a solitaire diamond ring for myself or maybe ask hubby to buy one for me for our anniversary next month :-). I even saw some diamond rings that are very fancy and expensive when you buy them at Jewelry stores. Call me whatever you want, but how I wished that we've know that pawnshop offers great deals on jewelry and other stuffs. The best thing about the pawnshop is that you can even make a deal. Name your price and they are willing to negotiate it. Great isn't it!?

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chubskulit said...

Go for the diamonnd ring ate hehehe.. See you sa ostalgia, mwah!