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Friday, August 27, 2010

Long Walk and Talk

The other day, the weather was very nice; for the first time hubby and I were able to walk in the morning after dropping our son off to school. I really miss this moment where we can talk almost about everything...from small thing such as baby snake to school anxiety. Though it was raining a little bit, we manage to walked around the lake and back home; that was an hour of walking and talking. One of the thing we talked about was the coming community garage sale this October. On the day of garage sale we plan on selling the stuffs we accumulated for year that we don't need anymore. This garage sale reminds me of the pedestal sinks we bought for our bathrooms in our old house that were never installed, instead we sold it on a yard sale. I really like those pedestal sinks but we just didn't get the chance to used them due to our immediate out of state. How I wished we could have keep it for our new house. Oh well, maybe someday we would be able to replace our bathroom sinks to a pedestal one once they need a replacement.

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