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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Favorite News

Guest post from: Joe Castro

The only news I watch is my local Fox station's, WXMI-17, because it delivers the news, and only the news. When this station first aired news they broke tradition by airing at it 10 pm instead of at 11. I liked this a lot because I got to get informed and go to sleep earlier. They have evolved from their hour start at ten, into having a four-hour morning show along with an hour at 6 pm. I only get to catch a half hour of the morning telecast, but there are days I think about playing hooky just to watch the rest of it. From the beginning, their newscasters and reporters always had good rapport. They all seem to be quick witted, playing off each other's jokes. I like the fact that myTV offers the local channels, so that I can continue to watch this local telecast grow and change. I'm glad I looked for Direct tv deals in New York! They also have a very educated meteorologist that have good senses of humor. Those guys can make me laugh even on a rainy day. I think the thing that I like most about the entire crew is that they all keep their opinions to themselves; I am not getting bombarded by some nitwit's political agenda. This crew delivers the facts, while having a good time; which makes it the only news I can watch.

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