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Friday, August 20, 2010

Living in Malaysia

About ten years ago, I used to live in Malaysia with my Aunt and her family. I moved there to look for a greener pasture. My Aunt helped me find a job and was happy since. I worked there for almost two years, but became unhappy. I knew then that I am missing something in my life. And so I started using the internet to find out what I was missing. Internet kept me sane for the past few months. Then came Christmas time. My Aunt and her family decided to spend the holiday in the Philippines living me to housesit their big and beautiful house by myself. I was afraid knowing that I will be alone and there is no security system installed in their house. I won't be scared if that area they live is not popular with burglars and robbers.

Before they left, I suggested to call someone to install burglar alarms otherwise I will not housesit their house. They really need it for they were almost burglarized once! Oh well, my Aunt thought that installation was so expensive and so they didn't do what I have suggested. I ended getting my friend to stay with me especially at night. Good thing nothing happened to me or the house the whole time they were away.

When she came to my house for a visit, I asked her if they installed burglar alarms in their new house and she said “not yet.” So, I offer her some tips as to how to make their place safe and secure and free from thieves and burglars. I also urged her to visit and read about how important it is to have an alarm system in their house especially that they are always away during holiday season.

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