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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School, Community, and Everything are Great!

While my son and I were doing some study few minutes ago in preparation for this coming school year, I can't help but thank about a friend who is a working Mom. She is a busy woman whom aside from working full time is also a busy mother of well as a busy blogger. I don't know where she gets all the energy doing those things and now she plans of pursuing her study on top of all her activities I have mentioned. I really admire her spirit to do all those stuffs. I hope she'll be able to get more energy for that is one thing that needs time and attention. Anyway, talking about going back to school, Jake is going to a new school this fall and the school is within the community where we live not to mention that it is a walking distance from where we are now. It is pretty new and the school furniture are all new. Despite that the school is only three year old, it is one of the recognized school in the whole district. We really feel blessed to have our son in such good standing school. We love our new place for it is kindly of in between city and country. peaceful, safe and our neighbors are friendly. The amenities are great, too!

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