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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's "Meet the Teacher Night" today, yay!

Today is the "meet the teacher night" at Jacob's new school and he is very excited to go. He thought it would his first day of school where he could stay and learn. I told him that the school doesn't start till next week (Monday). He was disappointed; my poor little man had already so much for the summer and is bored being home. Can't blame him. With the soaring heat everyday, and we could go out and play...that is too much to bear even for me. Three more days and he will off to school; will going to miss him, but what can I do? My little boy needs to go to school and learn. Hubby and I are excited though to walk him off to school on Monday.

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Dhemz said...

awwwwww...excited diay kau imong ulitawo mag skul teCes....sos si AKesha wapa man ni kaila ug skul...ehehhehe....:) am sure excited si jake makita iyang mga classmates....:)

btw, thanks kau sa greetings sweet of you....mwah!

btw, sensya na late ang package for jake...nawalaan ang walmart sa inyong address...ehhehee...mao nag ask ko ug new add ninyo kang tsang shy...ehhehee...sensya na po...hehehe...glad jake likes it!

sige te, blog hop sako kadali kay dugay nako wala kag blog hop...ehhehehe!