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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend with the Friers....

I know it is late, but still want to share with my readers what a great weekend we had last week. We started it with a lunch at a Chinese restaurant with our close family friend, "the Frier's." Marivic, Gary and their son, Charles who is also my son's other BFF. The foods were great especially the Mongolian stir fry...we also had fun talking. After lunch, Marivic and I went to watch Angelina Jolie's latest movie "Salt" which was very good. The boys were with their Dad's at home watching DVD and playing. At about 5pm, the movie was over and we all headed to an outlet mall to buy some t shirt. Marivic and I shopped at Old Navy while the boys shopped at Reebok. The two little boys had so much fun playing the whole time we were at the Tanger Outlet mall. Finally we call it a day at 7pm. They went home while we decided to go to IKEA to return the curtain we bought two months ago. We like the curtains, but we don't need at anymore. It took us 2 hours drive back and forth; thus making us very hungry afterward. We came home at 9pm and ate some left over. Oh by the way, we got great deals on the clothes we have purchased that day :-).

Our Sunday was great, too! We got woke up early for the 9am church. Good thing the church (LDS ~ Mormon) is really close to where we live. It didn't take us 5 minutes to get there just in time for the service to start. Learned many thing during sacrament meeting as well as primary, Sunday school, priesthood and relief society classes. The service ended at 12 noon; went to and have lunch, then took a nap afterward. :-). Indeed we had great and enjoyable weekend with friends. Every other weekend, we all agreed to get together and have fun and enjoy each other's company. It is good to have friends like the Friers. We all like doing the same things during weekend. Okay, that's all folks for now, till next weekend!

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