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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I lost my 15 Bucks!

Darn it! I did it again...when would I learned my lesson? I just got a message/email that one of my paid post at SS was rejected because I forgot to post a personal or intermediate post in between the two posts. Wahhh, I lost $15 bucks for that! I thought I have it checked and everything was fine. Oh well, I guess I just need to check it twice to avoid this kind of mess. it maybe because I am getting old and is becoming forgetful :-)...or maybe because of the surgeries I went to, that the anesthesia's effect is affecting my memory.


Beng said...

sayang!!! another lesson learned, be careful next time. Di pa ako approve ni SS eh :-(

Dhemz said...

oh my...hehehe...sayang nga..well, don;t worry te you will get more next time...hehhehe...:)

kumusta na teCes..agi lang ko dire kadali ha...just saying hello....will blog hop tomorrow te...making some noise from now...miss yah!str