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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lack of Sleep is not Good!

Yesterday was a bad day for me; good thing hubby didn't take a nap or else I don't I would be able to watch my son playing. I had a terrible headache that start the day before. I couldn't eat and was very nauseous. Every time I tried to get up from bed, I felt like throwing up! I took Tylenol and it worked for awhile, but my headache didn't really go away. I ended up sleeping the whole day and sleeping early at night! The caused; no idea! My husband was worried and told me we need to call Sandy, and that I might need to go to the emergency room. I told him it will go away; I just need rest and sleep. I remembered now, it also happened one time and all I didn't was rest and sleep like I never sleep before. From now on, I promised myself and hubby to sleep early or at least get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday! I didn't tell my husband, but I was scared, too! I thought I was having rejection. Oh no, I don't want to lose my kidney/s again.


Clarissa said...

Pahinga ka muna,Ate Ces baka kung mapaano ka na--isipin mo na lang na mahirap magkasakit ngayon.. parang advice ko na rin para sa sarili ko coz I have been waking up early in the morning at walang naps in between kaya medyo pagod din ako--maaga kasi ang pasok ng asawa ko this week and next week.Akalain mo bang 4:30 am gising na ako??!!waahhh!!

Rossel said...

hope it's just the usual headache and not kidney related. pahinga lang at sapat na tulog,ces. take care of yourself.