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Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Weekend Went Well!

Yesterday, we went to church and met once again our friends. We were all happy to see one another once again. And because we were only gone for over a year, some of them were like having a dejavu or something. Some of them when I say 'hi" responded "hi" also; then will come back and realized that we are back! Hahahaha, it was funny! Well, we did a lot of talking. We were sad at the same time because some of them have moved out already and some are about to move also. Met some new acquaintances as well :-)! All in all, we had a great Sunday. The services were great! Learned a lot from Sunday School classes as well as with the talks given during sacrament meeting. I love the lesson about provident living, and becoming self-reliant. It is very timing since the economy is still recovering from a sudden meltdown. Oh well, that's all folks....that is how our weekend was spent :-).

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shydub said...

They are surprised i bit to see you and wondering where were you hehehehe. nalingaw ka tan aw sa ila mga faces all in shock and thinking. Duol ra sd d i mo church inyo place dha ces? maayo hinuoon. Mao jud na nakaminga if some of our old neighbors are moving out, and you just move in back there. well you will get used with the new friends, ikaw pa such a nice person.