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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Activity ...Picture Game

It’s fun to look at family photos to inspire precious memories. See if your child can put the photos in chronological order!

~ 3 or 4 photos of a family vacation,

~ birthday party,
~ or other special event in your child’s life
~ table

~ Mix the photos up and set them on a table.
~ Ask your child to try to remember what happened first and have her choose the appropriate photo.
~ Then have her select the photo that represents what happened next.
~ Continue until she selects all the photos and places them in chronological order.
~ Have her tell the story of what happened from beginning to end, asking questions to help her remember more details.

Tell your child to handle the photos carefully, or have copies made for her to use.

Learning Skills:
~ Classification skills
~ Cognitive/thinking skills
~ Fine motor development
~ Prereading skills
~ Sequencing/seriation
~ Social interaction

I have tried this with Jacob and he really enjoyed it on top of learning about extended family from both side side of our family. I enjoyed it myself, too! I suggest every Mom of 4-5 year old kids to try this game, you can do it as a family activity, too!


faye said...

thanks ate ces
wowowowoowwo red , other are violet ,.,,,wonderful both,,,salamt po sa sa comment really appreciated!

chubskulit said...

Hello Ate, Photos? That's one of my passion hehehe.... Thanks for sharing this one, am sure me and the kids will have fun with this..