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Monday, October 20, 2008

Where Am I in this Picture?

This picture was taken back in the Philippines. With me are my friends when we were still all single. We were at church after the Choir performance we did during the Stake Conference. Yes, I was a choir member...don't even know how I qualified, I don't think I am a good singer either LOL :-). Anyway, do you think you would recognize me on this picture? Ok, which one was me then?


chubskulit said...

i think you are the one in front, the one in the middle hehehe..

Bout your question of rylie's eating habit, she developed that in her early age, she could eat any fresh vegies and fruits we give her. My son however is the contrary... Entice mo sya te, sabihin mo na when he eat salad, he will be very very smart and strong, yan lagi sinasabi ko kay Rylie!

Joops said...

hello cecille, thanks for your daily visits. My guess would be the one in front but sitting on the left..

Cecile n' Matt said...

rose, you are right, i was the one in the middle behind the cielo who was in front :-), sure will try enticing jake to eat salad will start with carrots :-)thanks for the tips...

joops, you are welcome...and nice try joops, but sorry that wasn't me :-) and you are welcome, thanks for doing the same, also :-)