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Monday, October 13, 2008

I got a bad news today...

I received an early call this morning from my husband at work. First he asked if I am fine, and I said yes. I asked him "why?" He told me that he is going to get "why?" off from work. The company he works for is laying off 1200 people and the effective day will be February of next year. I am prepared for it that is why it did not come as a surprised for both of us. The first time he got laid off from Texas Instruments was very devastating to us. Silly, but we both cried and were worried what is going to happen to us. It took awhile for me to get over that feeling. It was even harder when we sold our house. I love that house in Texas so much that even now, I still get a teary eyes when I think about it. Hubby is only 8 months working at the company; exactly will have 1 year on February. I am just hoping he will get a job there, for they have 200 job openings on the other department, maybe a job somewhere else, maybe in Utah. I always have this feeling that everything is going to be fine when something unexpectedly happens in our life. I always know that God Is always there to help us. I have proven it many times. I know we will be ok. I thank Heavenly Father and Jesus for being there for us during those difficult times of our lives. They are there and will never leave us.

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