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Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Your Cataracts Out Free!

Are you a senior who is having problem with your eyes due to cataracts? Do you need a surgery but you don’t have health insurance? Worry no more, because there is a place where you can get your cataract out of your eyes for free and that is Cataract Free America. It is a new non profit organization is a new nonprofit organization that arranges for eligible seniors to get free cataract surgery. They wanted to help seniors who are eligible for eye surgery. You do not even have obligation to pay eye exams and processing once qualified. You don’t even need fill up a form to apply, no need to pay, not even before or after the surgery. Oh by the way, the surgery is painless, no stitches and needle to be used. Plus the doctor who will perform the surgery is board certified. You can do whatever you want and need to do after the surgery without eyeglasses. Isn’t it amazing? I wished my father is here so he can avail of this generous offer the for those senior citizen like him. For more information visit their site now and start seeing the things you use to see when you were still a cataract free person.

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