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Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 Reasons To Be Thankful Today

I was tagged by Cheryll, thank you so much Dear, for this one!

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1) I am grateful that my family and I are well and happy.
2) I am grateful that my mother is recovering so fast from her recent mild stroke.
3) I am grateful that I have my father and siblings to take care of my mother while recovering.
4) I am grateful for having great doctors who look after me and my new kidneys.
5) I am grateful I am doing volunteer work at my son's school to make use of my spare time.
6) I am grateful I belong to LDS Church, where my family can be together forever.
7) I am grateful I have a loving husband and family.
8) I am grateful for having such great parents in-law.
9) I am grateful for what I am and what have now.
10) I am grateful for my online friends. I've learned a lot from them.

It's time to be grateful, so I am tagging: Rose of O and G, Lou, Umma, Redge, Race and Nanay Belen.

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