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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fannie May, everybody's favorite!

I love chocolate so much that my husband buys me every time there is an occasion to celebrate. I especially love those chocolates with nuts in it; they are so yummy and tasty. But before we go further talking about chocolate, let me tell you about Fannie May; don’t confused it with the Fannie Mae, the federal national mortgage association that is being place on conservatorship due to the housing market downturn late last year ( Sept.7, 2007). These two companies are different from each other, but have similarities when it comes to the sounds of their names, Fannie Mae and Fannie May and the financial difficulties they have faced. The chocolate company which is Fannie May luckily regained their position few years as a high quality gourmet chocolate with 100% proven satisfaction. bought it years later after the bankruptcy. Fannie Mae on the other hand, is still on the stage of difficulty. Going back to chocolate, Fannie May; I am glad they made a chocolate which is sugar-free, that means I can still eat chocolate even though I am diabetic now and good for my husband is trying to loose weight. One thing I like about them is they make wide variety of chocolates to choose from like truffles, sugar-free, and chocolate fudge. Want to try gourmet chocolates? Visit their website and experience the goodness of the chocolates they offer.

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