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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Fours Editon: Name 4

Grab this over Alpha.

Name 4…

1. Places you would like to visit and why.
~ Disneyworld~ never been there.
~ Grand Canyon~ it’s one of the wonders of the world
~ Italy~ want to see Pisa and Vatican
~ Utah~ in Salt Lake where the LDS church headquarter is

2. Favorite things to munch on!
~ Sunflower seeds
~ Nachos with salsa.
~ Most Filipino chips
~ Oishi.

3. Favorite sites for online shopping.
~ Zappo
~ Deseret bookstore

4. Things you have to get done this weekend.
~ Balance checks and pay bills
~ Cook all the veggies and meat on the refrigerator
~ Iron and put away clean clothes
~ Unstained carpet.

5. Things that pop up when you google your name.
~ My blogs.

~ My facebook
~ My friendster.
~ My LDS pinoy

I am now sharing this to everyone who loves to answer questions such as these!


anna said...

I'll be back to snag this :) have a great week ahead !

Cecile2 said...

anna, thanks for stopping by, yes you are welcome to snag it :-) have a nice day!