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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bowers Powers

A month ago while doing grocery shopping, I manage to talk with one of acquaintances who happened to work at that big store She mentioned to me that they were busy because they just opened the store after being closed for nearly six hours. I was shocked to here that! I cannot believe what I just heard! A big store like that couldn't afford to have their own generators? What a shame as well as big lost to them. They probably learned their lesson well with that experienced. If I were the owner of that store, that is one thing I would go without. They could have bought a Diesel Generator. I know of a company that sells Diesel Generators that are designed and engineered for industrial and big company such as that big store, as well as rental applications that need quiet operation and maximum and reliable performance. Their Towable Diesel Generators or rental type generators have a three position voltage selection switch for 1 and 3 phase connections and is available from 25kVA/20kW to 400kVA/320kW. If you own an apartment complex, this type of generator best suit your apartment needs. For more information, click the link provided here.

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