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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do You Want a Six Figures Income?

I am always impress with all people who can write books. I think these people are very smart, have wide imaginations, and very talented. Imagine those novelists, authors, and writers; they never run out of things to write about and have written hundreds of books already. Anyway, talking about writing your own article or story, if you can do that I bet you can also published your book by yourself. Then, you would save as well as earn significant amount. What about six figures in six months time? You can do that as what I have read. One good example is Gang Chen, author of Planting Design Illustrated and LEED AP Exam Guide. Yes, he was the one who earned $111,000 in just six months for the books he sold! Not only that, you get to keep the rights for yourself also, which means get can earn the same amount in the next months or so. What a great success to get that six figures by being a self publisher. Mr. Chen's bad experienced with the first book he published led him to do it by himself; he self published his book at Outskirts Press, which by the way helped him with great success; and because Outskirts Press understand that publisher needs marketing in order to succeed, they also offer marketing services, with years of extension, and promotional advice. So to all authors, novelists, writers, whatever you call yourself, try self publishing, and be amazed with great outcome you will get.

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