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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No More New Blog for Me!

For the first time after the jet lag, I was able to go to bed early without forcing myself to continue blogging, yehey!!! What a nice feeling to get 7-8 hours of sleep? I am planning to do it from now on, maybe even earlier that 12 am , LOL!!! We'll see! How about you, guys? Despite of that, I must admit, am still a blog addict :-)! Well, most of my time goes to blog hopping...imagine having five blogs...there are times that I feel like oh no...bloghop again...? What can I do? Can't even keep up with my blogs. The lessons more new blog for me... ever!

1 comment:

Mom of Four said...

Yun g akin ngang 3 blogs, di ko na naaasikaso yung isa..This is my life na lang ang medyo napagtutuunan ko ng pansin. Ang hirap kaya ng maraming blog sites. Di naman laging emron tayong topics na mai sulat, di ba? I guess, no more new blog is great..Hehehe..