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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stress Institute, Way to Stress-Free Life!

Dr. Kathleen Hall, is is an award-winning author and an expert in stress and work life balance is also the founder of The Stress Institute. The Stress Institute goal is to provide programs that can help people manage and avoid stressful life and in turn, be a sustainable mindful living instead. And this can be achieved as an individual or group of people attend a stress management seminar necessary into achieving a stress free life. Stress Institute composed of expert health professionals and doctors who are always available to help group or individual achieve a healthy happy family life. Ever since my husband got laid off from work two months ago, It has been hard for both of us. He has been looking for a job everywhere but to no avail. Finding job since the recession to present is very stressful and even worst now with the swine flu circling the globe. In achieving a stress free life, it is very vital in our everyday life to have balance in life and work. No matter what we do, is we lack one of these two, our life will never be complete. And this is not good on our health, which I believe is true. My husband's health right now is a testimony of it. It is comforting to know that there is a company that can help us manage our stress level.
If you or someone you know suffer from stress, visit the stress institute for support and assistance.

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