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Friday, May 1, 2009

Virginia Beach, Here We Come!

This weekend and coming week will be busy days for us. Starting tomorrow, we will be going out as family and have fun. My husband got a gift card from his sister a couple of months ago, it is a Chuck E Cheeses worth $40 which I think would be enough for us to enjoy playing games and have pizza at the same time. The, the nest day which is Sunday, as always, is a day to worship God and fellowship friends. Monday, as usual is a busy day for me while my son is at school and hubby is finding job online. I will be busy doing chores and preparing for Jake's last filed trip for this year a St. Mary's Hospital. Tuesday is a field trip and then later that day, will be our trip to the beach! Yehey, finally we will go for a vacation for 5 days. Virginia Beach, here we come! We are all so excited for this trip. This is one of the things we want to do before leaving the state of Virgina this year. Hopefully, this summer, we can go visit my cousin to Florida and together go to DisneyWorld.This is still work in progress, we need to save for the grand trip... and if God permits, we will go.

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