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Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Movie Meme

I just joined this Meme today; I will just post this for this week's entry. Anyway, if you want to join us just click the link below.

Below is how we usually watch movies:

Red Box: This is how we rent movie now; it is cheap ($1.05) and easy; you can even go online and reserve the movie or go to the nearest grocery store like Walmart and vend the movie of your choice.

Blockbuster: We still do this every once I awhile especially if we want to more movie choices. Yup, you need to be a member to avail their special deal.

Netflix: We did this before, but decided to switch back to Blockbuster because there is one near our place.

Collection: We tons of movie collections, and we also watch them an an alternative to newly released movies

Theater: We used to watch movie at least twice a month, but when our little guy was born, we never had a chance to watch it; We tried once and it was very embarrassing because he was loud and couldn't stand the long hours sitting.
Snacks: We do eat pop popcorn when we watch movie, whether at home or at theater.

Join us every Monday for the Movie Meme. Please visit The Bumbles Blog and grab the icon and join us.

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