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Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Self - Storage

Moving is putting so much stress on us, especially that this will be our second move in less than two years. The first moved was very easy because we were move here by a company whom my husband has work with. Now that we are moving our stuffs by ourselves, it is very hard. We are trying to sort things up here and downsizing at the same time to lessen the stuffs that will be going with us. We have accumulated a lot but have already donated tons of them to Goodwill and sent some to the Philippines. Anyway, now that we are half way done sorting our stuffs, we are looking for a storage company where we can store stuffs we don't need now. After searching the internet, finally I have found one in Albuquerque. This company has the storage facilities all over United States and Canada. If you live in California, they also have the Self Storage El Segundo CA and one in Self Storage Facilities Rosemead CA . I remember when my cousin moved three years ago, they used the Self Storage Anaheim CA since they live in that area. If you used their service, you can be sure that you get the best quality service you are looking for, because they are very professional, friendly who are committed to clean, secure and convenient self storage facilities. They also offer a huge selection of packing and moving supplies to make this self-storage company your one-stop shop for moving and storage. Visit their website now for more information and services they offer. Here are some of the reason why they are different from other self storage company: fully paved, lighted wide, easy access driveways, low cost insurance, fenced with your own private access code, no cost acceptance of deliveries, and more!

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