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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Disney Dreams do Come True!

Before my husband and I get married, went to Disneyland Los Angeles. It was my first time and we really had a blast especially me. I couldn't believe that time that I saw my favorite Disney characters like Cinderella, Snowhite, Mickey Mouse, and more. It was a dream come true! The rides were great, too! Anyway, My cousin and I were talking about going to her place in Florida, spend our vacation in Orlando particularly Disneyland, Orlando. She told me how much fun they've had when she and her family went there. Her kids have so much fun. The kids love the Magic Kingdom Park because they've got the chance of meeting their favorite characters and took pictures with them. They especially like the night time wishing lights; it was magical they said.

I bet my son would be very amazed to see his favorite characters; he adores Winnie the Pooh. The whole family loves the Blizzard Beach. Because of it's freak winter storm blanketed the with snow. The normal temperature was perfect for swimming and skiing at the same time. I would really like to experienced that someday! They love everything in there especially the Downhill Double Dipper, Slush Gusher, Teamboat Springs, Cross Country Creek, and Tike's Peak. They said they would love to go there, again with us. I couldn't wait.

The whole experienced was very magical. I bet it was. The whole week of their vacation was also spent at the Animal Kingdom, Epcot Theme park and of course with all the shopping, dining out and just being one with another were all great! What about you? Would you like to experience that too with your family? If so, why not book you reservation now for there are plenty of deals they are offering right now. Go and check for they have the great and amazing discount Disney tickets all of the Disney Parks in Orlando, FL!

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